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Chats with Two Dyslexics

Chats with Two Dyslexics

Chats with Two Dyslexics is a podcast about the power of human connections and storytelling. It’s a blend of listener call-ins, interviews and pop culture. Want to break free from self-limiting beliefs? To feel more in control of your life? Want to learn how to experience all of your feelings and develop empathy for others? To feel content regardless of your life circumstances? We know what it’s like to feel like a misfit and we know the freedom and peace that come when you are seen and heard and supported when living in your truth. We know the frustration of feeling helpless and the power that comes from changing your mindset as you plow a new path for yourself. We are your cheerleaders. We are your community. And we are kind of funny.

Recent Episodes

Emmy's Recap (Famous Actors and Movie Directors that have Dyslexia)

Sept. 26, 2022

Today I will talking about how emmys went and also famous Actors and Movie directors that have dyslexia that you may not have known about. Enjoy the episode! : Chatsw2dyslexic is a podcast that aims to inspire, inform, ente…

Short Chat Episode 11 Nascar Playoffs ( Nascar driver who has a learning Disability) Wnba Finals, Deji Vs Floyd Maymeather

Sept. 21, 2022

In this episode, I talk about the Nascar Playoffs and different Nascar drivers like Bubba Wallace, Christpher Bell, Chase Eliot and also Chris Busher. I talk about an upcoming nascar driver who has a learning disability. Als…

NFL is Back( NFL players that has Dyslexia) Will the Rams repeat this year?

Sept. 14, 2022

In this episode I talk about NFL season is back! Also talking about some NFL players that have dyslexia. And also, I did street interviews by asking people why they love NFL. Chatsw2dyslexic is a podcast that aims to inspire…

Short Chat # 10 Gib Knocks out Austin, Nav vs Yeat, Connecticut Sun,Kyle Bush has a NEW RIDE!

Sept. 11, 2022

In today episode, will be talking about many different topics like Gib vs Austin McBroom fight. Nav vs Yeat, Connecticut Suns going to the Wnba Finals, and also Kyle bush is new ride for next year. Chatsw2dyslexic is a podc…

About the Hosts

Andrea Goodrich Profile Photo

Andrea Goodrich

Orton-Gillingham Certified Special Education Teacher & Tutor

My friends say I am a bit wacky, super curious and a great writer. I’m a middle-aged, newly married, empty-nester living with two grumpy old dogs, a fish and more house plants than shoes. Despite having grown up with undiagnosed learning challenges, severe and chronic migraine headaches and anxiety, I managed to get through school and even went on to earn a Master’s Degree in special education. I enjoy teaching and learning, photography, nature and yoga. Two little known facts about me…I played the bassoon for a short time in high school and cleaned the toilets at a Greenwich Truck Stop with a cleaning crew of adults with developmental disorders.

Jeremiah Barrett Profile Photo

Jeremiah Barrett

College Student

My friends and family tell me that I’m creative, athletic and funny. I enjoy exploring new ideas. Even though I have a learning disability, I am taking colleges classes. I was not aware that I had dyslexia until a few weeks before my high school graduation. Despite this fact, I still take on difficult challenges and always put my best foot forward. In my spare time, I love watching NBA games, creating music, and taking pictures of both nature and the city. Two things about me that many people don’t know...I ran a student council in high school and I love to listen to self-improvement and spiritual podcasts.