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Caryl Frankenberger

Executive Director

Caryl Frankenberger is the Executive Director at Frankenberger Associates, an educational clinic on the shoreline in Branford, CT. As a graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Caryl has been helping families and schools understand children’s cognitive and educational profiles for more than 35 years
Caryl created Frankenberger Associates Learning Solutions Center with her partner, Ted Backes. The center is designed to provide students, grades K-college, with a myriad of services that support their most prescient needs. The center offers evaluations, academic tutoring (targeted reading remediation, written language, reading comprehension, math), social skills groups, executive function coaching/tutoring, brain training, counseling, parent support groups and professional development.

Caryl is a master clinician, psychoeducational diagnostician, and she is a member of the PEERS social skills team. She has committed her life to understanding the latest research and educating schools and families about children who have complex learning profiles. An expert in reading, language, and the field of learning disabilities, she is a recognized national speaker with more than 200 professional presentations.

When not working, Caryl enjoys spending time with her oldest son, Ben, who is an LCSW, LADC and a member of the Frankenberger Associates team, and her youngest son Cam, who is the CEO of Stronger Brains, a technology company that provides an affordable assessment of a student's brain health, and delivers personalized programs that transform cognitive and social-emotional functioning. She is dedicated to her husband, Ted, who is the Director of Neuroscience Programming at Frankenberger Associates and, of course, she adores her dog, Macy.

Special Education

Frankenberger Associates

April 27, 2022

Frankenberger Associates offers services to children, teens, young adults, and parents in order to maximize learning and social-emotional potential.