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Jaime French

Director of the Step Forward Program at Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut

Jaime French, Step Forward program director at Gateway Community College, has been appointed to the Connecticut Transition Task Force (TTF) Membership Committee. The TTF directly supports the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) in its efforts to guide students with disabilities, families, schools, and state and community organizations to facilitate the students’ transition to post-school activities. French brings a wealth of experience to her appointment; she’s headed Step Forward, the only transition program in Connecticut run by a community college, for 16 years.

Specifically, the TTF Membership Committee ensures that the TTF is comprised of a variety of stakeholders across Connecticut and its agencies. While French hasn’t served on the committee until now, she’s worked with a majority of stakeholders all along.

Step Forward I is a 10-month transition program for young adults with mild cognitive disabilities. The curriculum focuses on interpersonal communication, daily living skills, college readiness, and workplace readiness. Students who move into Step Forward II take courses for college credit, and the expectations are higher. To learn more visit or email

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Step Forward at Gateway: The only transition program at a community college

Feb. 1, 2022

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Guest: Jaime French