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Jessica Lord Bean

Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Dr. Jessica Lord Bean, Ph.D.
Dr. Jessica Lord Bean earned her B.A. in Psychology from Bates College in 1998. After spending two years conducting research at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Lord entered the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Connecticut in 2000, where she specialized in neuropsychology and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Lord did her predoctoral internship at the Florida State University Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Consulting Center, during which time she served as School Psychologist to schools within the panhandle region. After earning her doctorate from UCONN in 2006, Dr. Lord completed her post-doctoral training at the Neurodevelopment Center in Providence, RI. She then joined CT Pediatric Neuropsychology Associates (CPNA) in December of 2008.
Dr. Lord’s particular interests include autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and the neuropsychology of genetic conditions. In addition to her work at CPNA, Dr. Lord serves as the consulting neuropsychologist for the Multidisciplinary Turner Syndrome Clinic at CT Children’s Medical Center. She also spent time as a consulting psychologist with the Developmental Disabilities Clinic at the Yale Child Study Center, conducting comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluations of children with autism spectrum disorders.

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